South Carolina: Lexington and Greenville

Georgia: Atlanta and Savannah

Why Choose KM Consulting?

KM Consulting’s top priority is serving your school at the local level by building a relationship with your board and your school leadership that reflects the shared goals of catalyzing tangible, effective change in our community.  Remaining local allows us to be accessible to clients, not just on the phone or online, but in person.  We endeavor to understand the issues and challenges that are unique to your school and to work alongside you to overcome obstacles and create a successful, child-focused community school.

South Carolina: Offices in Lexington and Greenville

Georgia: Offices in Atlanta and Savannah

You're local, and so are we

Why is being a local firm important to us?

Because we put more value in growing relationships than growing our reach. Nurturing trusting, long-lasting relationships is a big part of our business.  We get to know your charter school inside and out. We get to know the board and school adminstration personally.  We share the motivation behind the goals you want to achieve. We understand the local obstacles that could impact those goals.


Like you, our dedication to success at the local level is what differentiates us from large, national companies that are more interested in the length of their client list than the depth of their service delivery to a school as uniqueas yours.