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What We Do

At KM Consulting, our top priority is to effectively manage your charter school’s finances while maximizing your ability to make the most of every educational dollar. Our services are rendered in an innovative manner, utilizing cutting-edge technology that reinforces our principle belief that charter school accounting, budgeting, payroll and compliance is an interactive, feedback-driven, client-focused process.


From new charter schools embarking on their first year of operations to established schools that have been educating children for years or even decades, KM Consulting’s expertise in the charter school industry ensures that your school will meet, improve and exceed goals year after year.


Our team of charter school accounting professionals brings integrity and timeliness to charter school financial reporting. We provide on-demand, up-to-the-minute financial performance information that enables school leaders to make timely, informed decisions. Account balances are maintained in real-time, and financial and budget information is available at your fingertips via a secure, customizable, cloud-based dashboard accessible from any laptop, tablet or mobile device.


In 2015, the IRS assessed $43M in employer penalties for employer reporting and tax errors. Your KM Consulting team manages your school's complex payroll and payroll tax reporting functions and offers efficient payroll features such as an employee portal to update withholding and benefits information, electronic tax payment, payroll reporting by department or grant, and direct deposit. We also provide every client with a no-penalty guarantee, thereby eliminating any risk that the school will incur costly penalties and interest due to errors or delays in payroll reporting. 

Accounts Payable Management

KM Consulting’s cloud-based, real-time Accounts Payable Management services ensure that your vendors and independent contractors are paid on-time, every time. Our cutting-edge system enables clients to securely review and approve invoices online and our electronic payment system eliminates the inconvenience and security issues associated with issuing paper checks. We receive, strategically age, process and post all invoices and payments daily and report, in real-time, the impact of every bill paid on the annual budget and working capital. 

Financial Advisory Services

Effective management of a charter school’s finances is the key to maximizing a school’s ability to make the most of every educational dollar. Accessing capital for facilities, expansion and growth is a complex process fraught with pitfalls. Our experienced team can minimize the complications, cost and frustration often associated with issuing tax-exempt bonds, procuring USDA financing and leveraging new-market tax credits for facilities and other capital projects.

Regulatory Compliance

KM Consulting will establish and ensure ongoing legal and regulatory compliance through a systems-based, deadline-driven process to ensure that authorizers, financiers and stakeholders receive timely, accurate monthly, quarterly and annual reports. Our real-time reporting system is designed to detect problems before they arise and enable school directors and board members to strategically formulate action plans and solutions aimed at maximizing budget results and cash flow. 

Reporting & Budget Services

KM Consulting considers budgeting to be a necessary and critical function of charter school financial accounting and reporting. Very few providers invest the time with their clients that KM Consulting offers focusing on the budget creation and monitoring process. Our team of budget experts will help you set realistic, manageable budgets to maximize your resources and accomplish your goals.

School Improvement and Troubled School Remediation

KM Consulting can mobilize and deploy an experienced improvement team to help underperforming schools that are facing financial and operational distress. KM's school improvement experts will assist your board in raising performance, streamlining operations, restructuring and balancing budgets, and changing trajectory in order to avoid charter revocation.  Our school remediation team has successfully worked with schools to implement school improvement plans and effect complete turnarounds.